Funtime Kids Club

Brand/ Identity Design

I wanted the brand to stand out, giving a cool, trendy, happy look plus encouraging a sense of trust, confidence and assurance in it for the parents about their child’s safety & security. The client has highly skilled staff, professional and secured environment for the little ones plus they give as much emphasis on the fun, entertaining, learning & stimulating part of their service.

My idea: using the term ‘FUN’ in ‘Funtime’. Fun is such a vast term, not enough for one object or event to denote that. What is fun for children is a clown, a happy clown, spreading joy and happiness. I used the red clown nose to highlight ‘kids club’, the name ‘Funtime’ builds the eyes, location text sit well for a big smile. The little icons in contact details section - trumpet = music/hear, pencil = write/draw/learn, magnifying glass = explore are the three areas the club focuses on.